100+ Amazing Last-Minute Missionary Gifts

I LOVED having a missionary! I would send a small care package every month to her and her companion. She served in West Virginia/Ohio so that was a feasible thing to do. Sometimes a month would go by and I would realize it was time to get creative again and send something off! If you are like me and time seems to fly by-take these ideas and use them any time of year! It may be Christmas, a birthday, a rough day or any holiday. Sometimes love from home is just what they need! Enjoy these ideas and put them to use!

20 great Missionary Christmas Gifts

Most of these are easy, last minute and inexpensive missionary gifts.

10 Things to send your missionary

These are super easy ideas you can just pick up from the store-things you never thought would make a missionary happy!

Missionary Mail has a ton of cute ideas for every season and holiday

Adorable ideas with great large and small missionary gifts and packages!

101 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Chalk full of great ideas for those last minute treats to send to your favorite missionary and more!

Box of Sunshine

Every missionary goes through at least one rough spot. Whether they are dealing with a tough companion, no teaching, or they are just serving somewhere that is FREEZING, like I did in Minnesota (Best Mission EVER), every missionary can use a Box of Sunshine to brighten their day! Great idea for Missionary Gifts!

Origami Money

What missionary could not use a few extra bucks?!? Chances are it will go to someone they are teaching somehow but that extra little perk will be sure to brighten their day!

10 Things You Gain From Your Mission (ideas from a talk by President Hinckley)

Cute small missionary gifts that help them focus on the work they are called to do! Send the talk with it and you have a great gift!

Above all, the most important gift we can send to our missionaries is our support and love along with our trust in them that they can rise to the commitment they have made to serve. In Preach My Gospel it says, “We challenge you to rise to a new sense of commitment to assist our Father in Heaven in His glorious work. ” ~ The First Presidency

So in everything you send-send your love and support because in the end, that is what will mean the most!

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