100’s Of DIY Valentine’s For The Classroom and Friends

Valentines Day-the day we celebrate LOVE! Then why does it feel so crazy when our kids come home with a list of 25 or more names and needing a decorated box to collect their valentine’s in?!? Here are some amazingly creative DIY Valentine’s ideas that will take the thinking part out of it for you so you can put more time into the do-ing part with your child!


Creative DIY Valentine’s to make with your kids

Valenitine’s Day is about love. So make it about being together. Spend time going through ideas with your kids and deciding what to make for their friends, teachers and classmates! Do it together. Build a lasting memory. As you create, tell them your love story or your parents love story. Play old love songs from your high school days. Make your time together enjoyable! They will never forget time you spend with them.

I am always searching for help at Valentines Day! Love this post!

Classroom/Friend Valentine Helps

Valentines Day at school…can be rough! As a Mom I wanted to help my kids be creative and  excited about making their own valentines. There were many years when bought was the best we could do with the other pressures of life. It took long enough just for them to write their friends names and their name on each valentine! Other years, I was in a place where we could get creative and MAKE our valentines together. Whether you buy or make-do what you can together. We totally miss the idea of this celebration of love if we don’t use this opportunity as one to strengthen our relationships.

  1. Valentine, I’m wild about you! 

Such a cute DIY Valentine!

2. You make my heart glow!

Adorable and inexpensive valentines idea!!

3. I “wheelie” like you!

Love this valentine for my sons friends!

4. I really “dig” you!

This valentine idea is so cute! Works for boys and girls!

5. Bugs and Kisses

Cute Valentine idea-especially for little boys!

6. I’m bubbling with excitement because you’re my friend!

I love these DIY Classroom Valentine ideas!

7. I need s’more friends like you!

Can't get over these creative ideas for classroom Valentines!

8. I think you are “a.doh.able!”

I love these play dough Classroom valentines!

9. You make my heart bounce!

Great valentines for the whole class- and on budget!

10. You’re all that and a bag of chips!

LOVE chips for a valentine!

Almost…100 Valentine’s Box Ideas!

  1. 50 Valentine’s Box Ideas For Kids

My son will love this valentine box to take to class!

2. Feed me valentine’s! -This is hilarious and super easy! One of my favorites!

This is hilarious! A must for this years valentine box!

3. 29 Valentine’s Box Ideas

This one from Simpleasthat.com blog is adorable!

So many creative ideas doe classroom valentines!

4. Flushing Toilet Valentine’s Box– every 6 year old boy’s dream!

My kids think this is the best valentine box EVER!

5. 16 Ways to Have the Best Valentine’s Mailbox Holder in the Classroom 

So many ideas for valentine boxes! I found one for each child!

Spend time with your kids making these or come up with ideas of your own and share them with me! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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