About Me

  • I am a mother and wife- the most important things.
  • My FAVORITE call in the church has been a seminary teacher but I have also loved serving as a Sunday School Teacher, Primary Chorister (not knowing how to lead music-truth), Nursery Leader, Relief Society,Young Women’s (for most of my life) and currently in Family History with direction to serve with the youth (more to come on that subject!)
  • I love the challenge of creating an inviting, Christ-centered home that makes everyone feel welcome. As a home design consultant this has been a very fun thing to do in my own home and others as well.
  • I love the scriptures! I am so grateful that there is clear direction that I can go to as I face struggles in my own life. I always find answers there
  • I pray in the car- A LOT. If you happen to pass me while driving, it may look like I am talking to myself. Usually I am either singing like a crazy woman or talking with Heavenly Father. It is the one place, besides the bathroom- which is where I would go often with little kids- that I can find peace and quiet
  • Favorite games: Yahtzee and Marbles.
  • Favorite vacations: London, Paris, Hawaii, Boise, Rexburg and Provo (the last three are where my kids are!)
  • Best Mission: Minnesota, Minneapolis (yes, where I served)
  • Favorite Temple: Denver