Advice From Apostles

It does not happen often, but our youth were blessed with a visit  and advice from apostles; President M. Russell Ballard and Elder Ronald Rasband as well as Elder Swarez of the Quorum of the Seventy came to speak to our area youth.

There were amazing messages given as well as advice from apostles for parents and an apostolic blessing given by President Ballard. I wanted our children to remember this night so we had a Family Home Evening discussion tonight on what we learned and what stuck out to us.


There were very clear warnings made. President Ballard told the youth and parents that he would speak plainly so that we could all understand what he was saying.

Warnings were given having to do with the amount of time spent on social media, phones and the presence of pronography in so many lives.

The youth were told by President Ballard to draw a clear line. “If there is something you know you should not be doing-tonight-interview yourself. Fine tune the things you should be doing.”

Elder Rasband warned of the importance of choosing good friends. He said that the selection of good friends is key, especially as a teenager.

Advice from apostles

President Ballard said that the most important education he ever got was serving a full-time mission. He learned to talk with people, to be a leader, to teach the gospel, and develop his testimony.

Elder Rasband taught them to “consider the path you are on to prepare yourselves for the House of the Lord and a full-time mission.”

He also reminded them, “You are never alone. When you partake of the sacrament the promise the Lord gives you is that you will have His Spirit to be with you. You have a divine destiny and a divine nature.”

President Ballard reminded the youth of the importance of prayer-morning and night and to ask Heavenly Father to “help you make good decisions and defend the church.”

Also a reminder that “you are entitled to revelation and inspiration and to feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost.”

Elder Swarez promised that “The Lord will bless you if you decide to keep the commandments. The Lord will be with you.” He also gave a positive reminder that “YOU CAN MAKE IT!”

There were 5-6 questions that they took and answered as well. It was an amazing evening. One that hopefully will never be forgotten.

The apostolic blessing to all who could hear was incredible as well and a reminder that we are blessed with the “courage to deal with anything that needs to be dealt with and a reminder to “stay on the covenant path.”

Printable/Pin-able Pages

Here are some printable pages to help our youth remember the advice of an apostle to them.

I love these quotes by the apostles!





                                                                                  WIN THE WAR (PDF)

Our parents and youth were so blessed as we listened to these men speak frankly about the dangers that are around us, remind our youth and us as parents of who we are and why we are here and answer timely questions that the youth submitted honestly and candidly. I testify that these men are living prophets, seers and revelators and that as we we listen and obey the warnings and advice they have given that our lives and families will be blessed!


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