After School Snacks That Mom’s Love Too!

As a mother of 5 children, I truly believe one of the MOST important times to be available for your kids is when they get home from school…and be there with FOOD, an after school snack! I realize this is not feasible for every mom and certainly not every day. President Benson said, “Be at the crossroads.” There is a connection that happens when they get home from school and want to eat and talk about their day. If you are not there-you often miss the moment.

I need these after school snack ideas. The cookies are getting old!

I remember having some great neighbors. They had two boys that were in Jr. High and High School. I had 4 little kids at the time. She was a great mom, very attentive. I think she was probably bored with the kids growing up and being busy so she started a full time job. Over the next few years I watched-no I am not Mrs. Cravitz from Bewitched, but while she was at work and could not be home after school and during lunch, I saw who came in and out with those boys. It was probably never anything horrible but for me it was a lesson that I need to be there at the crossroads. If I can have my kids and their friends come to our house for lunch during school, I will gladly buy any food they want and spend time talking with them. If I can possibly be home or pick them up after school and create a time to talk and have good conversation-I will do whatever it takes. Being at the crossroads is key and being there with FOOD is even better!

It was President Benson who spoke to mothers about being at the crossroads in his landmark talk to parents “Fundamentals of Enduring Family Relationships,” Ensign, Nov. 1982, 60. We must do all we can to be there-whatever that may look like for your situation. I am not naive in the realization that all of us cannot be there every day, many mom’s need to work and cannot be home full time but when you can be, make it special, create a situation where there can be conversation and dialogue-with kids of all ages.

I love this quote by President Benson. It put after school snacks into perspective. This time is so important!Truly, I find this works best in the kitchen. If I am preparing something, or we are just sitting at the island eating-it is easier to talk. I am a firm believer that if your situation is such that this is not possible-the Lord makes up for that. I am also a firm believer in NO GUILT. We do what we can, but these ideas are definitely helpful in creating an atmosphere ready for dialogue between us and our children. They see you are making the effort to do something special for them. That will go a long way.

Having said ALL that-lets move on the the grand ideas that so many creative women have put together to make our lives easier because all we have to do is copy their great ideas! There is so much more to the after school snack then we think!

26 After School Snack Ideas

Great ideas for after school snacks and life in general! Love these!

From Six Sisters-Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt Pops

I have had these and they are soooo yummy! Cute idea for a summer party or baby shower as well!

This is a great, healthy and TASTY snack my kids will love!

Speaking of Pops- These Banana Pops look delightful

Seriously? Chocolate and bananas? So tasty!

Banana Pops! Great after school snack!

After School Snack Station

Are you kidding me! With this I don’t even need to make anything if I don’t have time. Just buy and arrange their favorite store bought stuff. Add fruit or veggies and you have an adorable snack station!

This after school snack station is adorable!

70+ After School Snack Ideas

Over 70 after school snacks! This is the jackpot!

16 After School Snacks

This has some great ideas that my teenagers will especially love! These pizza sticks look amazing!

16 great ideas for after school snacks! Some that my teens will especially love!

Cucumber Bites

Healthy and adorable all wrapped into one!

This is a super fun and healthy after school snack! I may even make these with dinner one night!

50 Easy, Healthy Snacks For Kids

Great alternative to my easy buy, fruit roll up or Oreo! These are super easy AND healthy!

I have been searching for healthy alternatives for after school snacks! I tend to just make cookies or buy junk. This has some helpful ideas.


Double Strawberry Cookie Butter Bites

Trader Joes introduced me to Cookie Butter. Now I can’t get enough of it! Everyone will love this little treat!

Oh MY! I am a cookie butter fanatic! These would be great for after school snacks!

Banana Split Bites

How cute are these little bundles of yumminess?!? My kids will Love them! My husband will as well!

These are darling and look delicious! Eapecially for an after school snack!

22 Easy After School Snacks Your Kids Will Go Wild Over

My kids will feel so special with these after school snacks-especially my younger ones!


40 Simple After School Snack Ideas

Lots of Easy after school snack ideas!

Creative and Fun After School Snacks

I love it when I can find someone else's creativity! Especially with afetr school snacks. It makes my life easier!

So many Awesome ideas! Thanks to all these wonderful people for being so creative and helping me be a better Mom! I hope you feel the same way too! Happy snacking!



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