We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet

I woke up this morning with a great desire to be diligent in keeping the Sabbath Day holy. I came down to my computer and went to LDS.org. I started to watch the recent news about President Nelson’s trip to South America and was so touched by this great prophet. 

President Nelson in Chile

See report here

This morning I bear witness that this man, President Russell M. Nelson is called of God to lead us today. Not just “us” as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but “us” as all who live on the earth. As we listen and ACT on his counsel, our lives will be happier, our families will be protected and spared from the attempts of the adversary, and miracles will happen in our lives. These are all promises he has given.

Sister Nelson was interviewed as well and spoke of her husbands call and the changes she has seen in him over the last ten months. Her testimony is amazing and gives me even more desire to follow the revelation that God has given to his prophet today. (scroll down in the article to hear her thoughts)

Sister Nelson Interview

The last report I watched was the dedication of the temple in Concepcion, Chile. As I watched these dedicated people drive hundreds of miles to come to the temple it was a gentle reminder that with a temple about 15 miles away, I need to be there more often and receive the miracles that are there for me and my family, both here and beyond the veil. 

Dedication of a temple

I testify today of the truthfulness of temple blessings, of the peace we find in the temple of God and of the peace we feel as we follow in faith, the counsel of a prophet of God. 

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