Personal Revelation-ASK, LISTEN, ACT

I learned a great pattern to help me find personal revelation. This year we started a new tradition! With two daughters married, another in college and a grandson, we decided it was time to start our own Family Reunion. We set the stage on North Captiva Island, Florida-just off the coast of Fort Meyers. We also invited my parents and Cal’s Dad (Mom passed away 13 years ago)- I am sure his Mom, Mama Melba was there in spirit!

Our theme for this reunion was ACT, LISTEN, ASK. Every night before bed we would gather and have family stories or a devotional along with scriptures and prayers. Our first full day was Sunday and so we had a kick-off church meeting focused around our theme. Calvin (my husband) started us off with talking about Joseph Smith and showing the pattern of ACT, LISTEN and ACT in the lives of many prophets. The church service was awesome and the Spirit was so strong as we discussed these actions and examples in the scriptures of these three concepts.

This helped me so much with receiving personal revelation!

Personal Revelation in my own life

I have actually found this to be an amazing pattern in my own life. It is not new. In Doctrine and Covenants 8:1-4 We read about this very thing. “…surely shall you receive a knowledge of whatsoever things yes shall ASK in faith…behold I will TELL (listen) you in your mind and in your heart, by the Holy Ghost…this is the spirit of revelation…APPLY (act) unto it.”

I have a saying that I have taught youth for years and that is, “When you LISTEN and OBEY the Holy Ghost will GUIDE the way!”


Joseph Smith is a perfect example of this. His study and prayer led him to ASK the question that led to the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Had that question never been asked-what would have happened. Questions are good. They lead us to knowledge and action. They lead to repentance and change. ASKING is the first step to knowledge and then action. I recently posted some things I had learned in our stake conference about asking and finding answers in the scriptures and then recording those answers. Those questions have brought me direct answers and clear revelation for myself and my family. We must take the steps to ASK.


I learned a great lesson my first day out in the mission field. That was the importance of listening. As my companions and I knelt in prayer, asking where we should go tract, the spirit was strong. When the prayer ended I immediately rose to my feet to go. I looked around and they were both still kneeling, eyes closed, arms folded, LISTENING. That was one of the greatest lessons I learned that first week in the mission field. The importance of listening. So often we ask but we do not take the time to be quiet and LISTEN to what the Spirit has to say. Our lives are so filled and even more today than back then, with distractions. It is difficult to make the time to listen.

When I was a young Mom, I remember so clearly feeling like I never had a minute to myself. Even when I was in the bathroom, the kids would be sticking little hands under the door with requests of, “I am hungry!”, “Can you help me get dressed?” It seemed never-ending. The only time I ever had alone was in the shower and that was when I received most of my personal revelation!

Now I have lots of alone time. I just need to make sure that I focus some of that on LISTENING and SEEKING the Lord’s answers to my questions. He always answers, I just don’t always hear!


This is probably the most difficult part of receiving personal revelation. It requires action! If we ask and we receive but then don’t ACT on what we get, it will do us no good. Think of what would have happened if Joseph Smith experienced the First Vision and then never acted on it. NO CHANGE! Our world is a different place because he acted on it.

For myself, I had a question about a child I was concerned about. I asked Heavenly Father’s counsel on what to do, I listened- for longer than I wanted to. Often it takes time! When the answer came, it was not what I wanted to hear but I acted in the way I was prompted and was able to save a child from a lifetime of pain and struggle.

Sometimes as we hear what Heavenly Father is saying, it is not what we want to hear. Acting on that revelation may be difficult to do. The ACTION is required to make the change. We must ACT!

Reasons we need personal revelation

  • our families
  • parenting
  • missionary work
  • family history
  • talks
  • lessons
  • callings
  • much more…

Fasting with these steps

A personal fast along with these steps will greatly increase our ability to hear the word of the the Lord for us and accept His will. Fasting always brings me peace, strength and the ability to act more easily as I feel deeply the influence of the Holy Ghost.

Personal Revelation

Personal revelation is key in our lives. We must use his tool that we have been given from a loving Heavenly Father to guide us through this often bumpy road called life. As we ask for, listen to and act on the personal revelation we receive we will be guided to do those things a loving Father knows that we need to in order to become who we need to become.



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