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Gallery Wall Helpful Hints

We all have THAT wall! The one that sits empty because we cannot figure out what to put on it. Here are some helpful hints and links to creating your own gallery wall. It may be in the front hall, the family room or going down the stairs. Wherever it is, make it look good! […]

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My Favorite Things-January

What are some of your favorite things? As women we can be particular in the things we will and will not use. I want to share with you my FAVORITE THINGS for every month this year! Each month will include different topics, depending on weather, holidays, etc. January is aways a fresh start. We all […]


Creating a Christ-Centered Home

Creating a Christ-centered home is key in this day and age!¬†With two teenagers in high school, they need a place to come home to where they can completely be at peace and feel the Holy Ghost! My husband and I need that as well. This life does not come easy and if we can create […]


Food Storage for Families- Are You Prepared?

Is your family prepared with adequate food storage? There are many ways to help you prepare with food storage for families in case of a disaster. Disaster can come in the form of crazy weather, flooding, job loss or simply financial strain. I have been so impressed by the goodness in the world and the […]