Creating A Christ-Centered Easter

There are many ways we can create a more Christ-centered Easter, none of which means take away the bunny, the candy and the baskets! Easter is about the Savior, the Resurrection and a time to consider where we are at in our relationship with Jesus Christ.There will always be room to improve there. Here are some fun ways to help our families strengthen their testimonies of Jesus Christ and become closer as families.Enjoy!

 Great ideas I had never thought of to help with creating a Christ-centered Easter for my family.

Daily Christ-centered Easter activities (start BEFORE Easter!)

Just like with anything, if I am prepared, I get more out of an something. If I read my Sunday School Lesson, I can participate more fully and get more out of it. If I study each day for a class, I learn more AND do better on the test! If we are prepared and can prepare our families, Easter can be a testimony building holiday as well as amazing family time together.

14 Day Walk With Christ

I did a similar activity years ago with our family and the Young Women I worked with. It was so good to help us all focus on the Savior that year. This one is a little different than the one I did but I think easier to do with kids of all ages. Amanda, from Jedi Craft has done an amazing job setting this up complete with quotes to read, videos to watch. It will be a rich experience for your family! This one is from 2017 but the same principles apply.She focuses on “Choosing Jesus” in every situation. I love that, and if our hearts are prepared and we know Him-not just know about Him, He will be easier to choose!

I love this idea to help create a Christ-centered Easter!

Easter Week Traditions

Holly, from Bits of Everything had a guest post from her friend who has this as an Easter Tradition. These ideas are great to use for scripture study the week before Easter or a morning devotional before school. Depending on how many family members and the ages of your kids, you could even assign out one person for each day. That way they “get” the prep time and in doing so-receive more from the message!

Great Christ centered traditions for Easter!

Service Easter Eggs

We have also done similar activities to this one with plastic Easter Eggs. Anything that can help your family see outside themselves is a win for me!

Love these service Easter Eggs-

You’ve been egged!

What a fun way to bring Christ into other homes as well! This would be a great activity for your kids and their friends to do as well as a fun family activity!

A fun activity to remind others of Christ too!

12 Weeks of Christ-Developing a More Personal Relationship With the Savior

I love projects like this that bring me closer to Christ and are already laid out so I just need to follow them!

Family Home Evenings Centered in Christ and The Resurrection

For the month leading up to Easter, have a different child prepare a Family Home Evening centered on Christ. Here are some great ideas to help them get creative!

The Empty Tomb of Easter

I am always looking for great, Christ centered Family Home Evenings!

Elder Holland’s Easter Message- None Were With Him

I love Elder Holland. This message came at a crucial time for me and will clearly bring us closer to Christ as we listen to it!

All About Faith (in Jesus Christ)

A great FHE that will help me create a Christ centered Easter.

Aids To Easter/Christ Focused Scripture Study

The Life of Christ- a 45 Day Scripture Study

I LOVE a focused scripture study! This is awesome and has a PDF printable page that you can keep in your scriptures! This will totally help you to keep your focus on Christ leading up to Easter!

What a great way to keep my focus on Christ leading up to Easter.

Memorize The Living Christ

I have said this in previous posts, but this activity as a family changed our lives. It is well worth the effort to have your family know this latter-day scripture word for word. She has some great ideas in here that will help all ages to memorize it!

Memorize the Living Christ to help create a Christ centered Easter- I love this idea!

The Final Hours of Christ’s Life

If you are not familiar with The Red Headed Hostess-I suggest you become familiar with her. She has amazing helps with lessons, study guides, journaling! This is a powerful study of the final hours of Christ’s life. Well worth any cost and time!

Powerful study of the Saviors final hours-perfect for bringing in the Spirit of Christ for Easter!

Help with studying scriptures

Helpful tips to study about Christ

President Nelson’s testimony of Christ centered scriptures

The words of our prophet to help us be more Christ centered


Christ-centered Quotes

If you know me, you know I LOVE quotes! Here are some of my favorites, some of which are printable! Tape them to the fridge, put them in a frame on the table. Just have them around to keep the focus on Him. Enjoy!

After the many testimonies…

I Love quotes that center me on Christ.

I believe in Christ…

I love this Christ centered quote from CS Lewis

Jesus walked a lonely road…

Great quote for a Christ Centered Easter

Christ Centered Crafts and Activities

This site(We talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ) has so many great ideas to help your kids grasp the meaning of Easter. She has fun food ideas, crafts, experiments. It is a great way to explore Easter with kids!

Fun Easter crafts and activities focused on Christ.

Resurrection Rolls

Easter Books Centered on Christ

Best Easter books for young children

Love these Easter books that teach of the Savior or qualities that help us be like Him. I always learn better from a story.


Christ Centered Books for kids

Love these kids Easter books focused on Christ

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Some of My Favorite Easter Things:

Burlap Bunny BagsLove these Easter "baskets" filled with fun and reminders of the Savior

Love these white plastic Easter eggs to use for Christ centered Easter Activities!

White Plastic Easter Eggs

I bought these to use for my “Resurrection Eggs” and also for “egging” people. The white is so representative of the Savior. I love them!

So cool for an Easter lesson on the Light of Christ

Easter Egg Night Light

How cool would this be to incorporate in a Family Home Evening about the Light of Christ or sharing His light as we learn of Him!

Along with all these ideas I would add, making sure that you have pictures of the Savior around, keep uplifting music playing, create an environment of service and love in your home. As we are diligent in our family and personal study of the Saviors life, our homes will be blessed and our families strengthened and what better time of year to push that focus than Easter!

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