Creating a Christ-Centered Home

Creating a Christ-centered home is key in this day and age! With two teenagers in high school, they need a place to come home to where they can completely be at peace and feel the Holy Ghost! My husband and I need that as well. This life does not come easy and if we can create a safe haven- we will be much more at peace.

 Love this quote about keeping Christ at the center of our life. I can definitely use this in creating a Christ-centered home.

Getting our own lives in order to create a Christ Centered Home

There is no question that when I am on top of things-the home runs smoother! As I am more sincere in my own prayers, consistent in our couple prayers, attending the temple regularly and studying my scriptures daily-the home flows better-because I AM BETTER! It is a pretty simple concept but for some reason I ebb and flow with this concept. Being consistent in making myself better is an extremely important part of keeping my home Christ-centered. I have been trying to keep up with my goal of a conference talk a day, reading a bit from the Book of Mormon and getting to the temple once a week. This would have been a joke for me to try to do ten years ago when I was in the midst of CHAOS with 5 kids at home, community service and busy callings. At this stage of life I really need the consistency of these things just to get me through a basic day. If you are not at that stage yet-it will come and trust me, you will miss where you are at now. Two bits of advice for now:

  • Don’t feel guilt when you can’t do it all; temple attendance, scripture study, missionary work, callings, community service, serving others and the list goes on. FOCUS on what you need to do now. As you pray about it, God will reveal it with clarity. Pray each day to know what is most important.
  • You are doing your best. As Elder Holland said in his last talk “Perfection still pending.” We are not “there” yet and no one expects us to be so we should not expect that of ourselves!

Best reminder ever! We don't have to be perfect now!

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

No matter how much I try to not believe this-it is true! When my home is in order, picked up and clean, I am more calm and more at peace. The sense of a Christ-centered home is much stronger. I notice that when things are clean they tend to stay clean a little longer. When the kids come in from school and the house is picked up, they are more likely to put their shoes in the shoe basket and backpacks on the hook. It just works like that. As the kids have grown up and left the house, it is less messes but also let people to do what needs to be done. Teenagers are busy so that does leave more for me to do and I will not say that I am great about it! I am a closet stuffer and have plenty of drawers and cupboards that when open, create an avalanche-in fact, we call them “avalanche cupboards!” One of my good friends, Tiffany Anderson or Landeelu in the blogging world, has several posts on her minimalist ideas. While I will not say I subscribe to it all-and she knows that better than anyone-I will say that purging is a great thing and I have a lot to get rid of! When we lived in Utah, I had a cleaning lady who literally would clean AND organize for 10$ an hour. She taught me that the less I had out the less time it took to clean. Duh!- right? I just LOVE STUFF! To me it makes a house a home but I have learned that when surfaces are cleaned off and clutter cleared-my mind is more clear.

Keep the focus on Christ

I am not saying that every piece of art or wall hanging needs to be Christ, the temple, The Family Proclamation or The Living Christ. What I am saying is fill your home with things that bring a Christlike Spirit! That Christlike Spirit is what creates a Christ-centered home! After my son was born, I saw this painting in the Ensign of Mary and baby Jesus by Liz Lemon Swindle. She was holding him and he was sucking on her shoulder. With this being my first (and only) boy, there was something that touched me so deeply as I saw it! I ended up buying it on my next trip out to Utah and it started a habit that my husband and I picked up on. For us, filling our home with beautiful art and pictures of Christ has become a hobby. Believe me-there are also plenty of humorous signs to keep us laughing as well but there is something very tangible about the spirit that the artwork of Liz Lemon Swindle, James Christensen and others have brought into our home.



What makes you feel happy? Peaceful? Calm? Hopeful?

For each one of us that answer will be different. For as long as anyone has known me, I have been a quote person. Even in college, I have quotes and thoughts all over my walls! I still do. I feel the need to surround myself with uplifting things! Maybe that is why I LOVE PRINTABLES on blogs! I stick up everything from a scripture that was revelation for me or my family, to quotes from General Conference. I have celebrity quotes, quotes from favorite books, even quotes from friends! There is something about knowing I am not alone in this journey-that many others have been along this road and they have experienced the feelings I have and come through it all in one piece! Some of my quotes may be written in vinyl lettering on the wall or stairs, some may be laminated and made into a magnet and some may just be on a piece of paper taped to the wall. As I look at the picture below, I realize that these stairs need to be re-painted and the quote probably re-done but the message, nonetheless, is clear and inspiring! Do what you love in your home. Make it yours. Who cares what your neighbors and friends do? Make your home reflect you. My quotes on the wall probably drive most of my friends crazy because it may look so cluttered but for me-I look at them every day and they strengthen me.


Trying to create a Christ-centered home!

Music in creating a Christ-centered home

I have explained in a previous post, the importance of good music in a home. The difference it makes in the feeling of your home. On a normal day, I love classical symphonies, country and during the season Christmas music is a must! On Saturdays or during chores we usually go with 70’s-80’s- Elton John, Billy Joel, Cat Stevens, Beach Boys- anything to get people up and moving. Sundays tend to be filled with EFY Albums, MoTab and classical.

Why is it important?

The importance of creating a Christ-centered home cannot be underestimated! Our homes must be filled with the Spirit. For each person that will look different. I have included things that have helped me, specifically in this quest. You list may be longer, shorter or completely different. However you do it, I hope this post has given you inspiration and motivation in these crazy Last Days- to create a safe haven for your loved ones that is focused on our Savior and where we can all feel love and connection to Him and to each other!

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