Creating a Grateful Home

I LOVE Thanksgiving! It is a holiday that often gets overlooked, sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas. We have some fun Thanksgiving traditions to try to bring it to the forefront of our minds. Creating a Grateful Home and Heart is something we really should do all year round but even a month of it a year is better than nothing! Here are a few traditions we have had that have contributed to creating a grateful home for us.

She has some really fun ideas for creating a grateful home during thansgiving but all year as well!

Creating a Grateful Home

  • Butcher paper or poster board on the front door with a sharpie attached. Each day we write what we are thankful for. Every time a guest visits, we ask them to add to our list!
  • Keep a gratitude journal. It is fun to look back and see during different years the things we were grateful for.
  • For years we had a Thanksgiving tablecloth. Everyone would write in fabric marker what they were thankful for that year. It was fun to look at even the writing of the little ones who are now in their 20’s. (I think I lost it in a move. :()
  • Social Media THANK YOU’S- I love to look at the lists people post of things they are thankful for. It spurs my memory and helps me pull more out.
  • For the month of November, we ONLY THANK in our prayers. AT first, I feel like this is difficult but by the end of the month my prayers are always richer and much longer. It is a wonderful experience. I also have done it with my Young Women and Seminary classes. It is AWESOME!
  • Bring “Blessing Mix” to those we love-neighbors, friends. It is so easy to make. Package it in a cute clear plastic bag, tie with a bow and add this (printable tag!)
  • Going around the table before to blessing on the food and saying one thing we are grateful for that day. (Every day of the year-not just November)

Creating a Thankful Home Round Up

Thanksgiving Table Settings

Adorable Homemade Placemats:

Jodi from MeaningfulMama shares an adorable placemat idea to do with your younger kids! These could be made for your own table or gifts for Grandparents! Giving gifts helps our children contribute to a grateful home.

I will totally have my kids make these placemats this year for our Thanksgiving Table to help create a thankful home!

Elizabeth from FrugalMomeh shares this simple placemat idea! I love this and will probably use a combination of the two at my Thanksgiving Table this year!

I never thought to use my Thanksgiving table setting as a way to express gratitude and help us have a more thankful home on that special day!


Beth from Homestories shares 16 awesome ideas for place settings.

I LOVE that she uses dishes and silverware from family to create a thankful home!

One of my favorite things about the Winter Holidays is the gathering of family and friends. I have really enjoyed using place settings, china, silverware, gravy boats and other family gems I have to complete that feeling of gratitude. To be able to think about those who have sacrificed and gone before us so that we can be where we are is a rich blessing. Remembering those who have sacrifices for us definitely contributes to a grateful home. “We are who we are, because they were who they were.”

Create a feeling of gratitude with home decor

Liz Stanley at has a great round up article with amazing DIY projects on this very subject! She has included all the links you need to make these adorable decorations that will bring that feeling of gratitude and love into your home!

Painted Pumpkins-easy and inexpensive

Painted pumpkins add the perfect touch to this Thanksgiving mantle. A great reminder in my thankful home quest!

Simple and Adorable Banner

I love this simple banner to remind me of being thankful at home.


Mason Jars to the rescue

Most of us tend to have mason jars already in the house! This simple project is yet another reminder to be thankful in our quest for creating a grateful home!

Simple. Simple. Simple. Helps in creating my own thankful home.


Cute Wreath

Not sure how easy this is but I LOVE the look and the message! You can never have too much gratitude!

A sincerely grateful heart leads to a sincerely joyful life

I have been listening to  Brene Brown and she talks a lot about the importance of having a grateful heart which in turn creates a grateful home. She says often that it is the practice of gratitude that brings joy into our lives…and tangible gratitude is a key. That may be keeping a gratitude of blessing journal, saying something your are grateful fo OUT LOUD every day at a certain time  (12:34 pm), saying out loud around the dinner table one thing you were grateful for that day. Whatever that TANGIBLE gratitude moment is, as we physically make gratitude a part of our lives, it creates a joy and a fulfillment that cannot come from any outside source.

If you have not listened to her TED Talks or read her books-do so. She has some amazing insights that can be life changing if implemented! Her thoughts on gratitude and leading a grateful life being one.

Create a REVERSE Bucket List

I got this idea from BoHo Berry! 

An absolutely wonderful exercise in gratitude! Instead of writing the list of all those things you still want to do, write a list of all you have accomplished-from the big (married the man of your dreams), to the medium (hiked waterfalls in Maui), to the smaller, got braces at 50!

Grateful Heart=Grateful Home

So much of it is our attitude. Our attitude of gratitude. Do we regularly express thanks, to our spouses, children, God, parents, neighbors, store clerks. Are we consistently grateful for what we have or are we always wanting more. It has only been in the last year or so that I have really been striving to become content and grateful each day for ALL that I have and it has made so much difference in how I treat people and how I feel about myself. Try it! You’ll like it!




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