Creating The Perfect Porch Space For Your Family

Looking to create the perfect porch? With spring approaching, I get the FEVER! I want to be outside, sitting comfortably, looking at the mountains and sipping lemonade! My front porch needs help! Maybe your’s does too! Here is a round up, along with some of my own ideas for sprucing up the first space people see when they come to your home-your front porch!

One of my favorite songs by Lonestar is My Front Porch Looking In. When our kids were younger, this fit our family perfectly. We had a “carrot top who could barely walk, and a blue eyed blond with shoes on wrong!” Oh how I loved my sweet life with our little girls and Cal in our little home with our cute front porch! We put a trellis up on the side of the front porch and trained the ivy to grow up it. We had an adorable red front door. I love looking back on my simple life then and can imagine the joy of peeking through the front door to find a house full of love and laughter!

There are many reasons to create the perfect porch:

  • First impression of your family and your home
  • Front porch is often a gathering place for neighbors
  • It is a place to relax
  • For us-it is an amazing view of mountains and specifically Pikes Peak
  • Create a gathering place for family

Things to add to your perfect porch:

  • Spring/Summer- a lemonade/Italian Soda Bar
  • Winter-A Hot Cocoa Bar/Coffee
  • Comfortable seating
  • Indoor/Outdoor pillows and rugs
  • Good Lighting
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Light strings
  • Sheer curtains for privacy
  • Flowers and plants
  • Music

Inexpensive changes for your perfect porch:

  • Garage sale furniture-benches, rocking chairs, patio chairs, side tables, lighting.
  • Paint-front door, furniture
  • Throw Pillows
  • Cute signs
  • Candles
  • Sheer curtains put up with a shower curtain rod
  • CLEAN IT- scrub concrete (I love Pine Sol for this because it smells soooo good!)
  • New doormat

I LOVE to change the color of my front door-poor people who buy this house next! Our home has a charcoal gray and white trim so our door when we moved in was charcoal gray. Two years ago, I wanted to brighten it up a bit so we painted the door and chairs a cute light blue. We had a little red bench I got at a garage sale. It was adorable. This last week, after feeling Spring Fever in full force, I decided to paint the door Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. I LOVE IT! I also painted two of my chairs and replaced the broken bench with cute theater chairs from an old theater downtown. I got them for free from a neighbor who was getting rid of them. I added a cute navy rug, doormat, lanterns and a few other accessories. I still need to add some flowers and flowerpots but it was a super easy/inexpensive and quick fix up!

This is the old front porch-it looks tired. Needs some cleaning and brightening!


Skeeter LOVES it too! This makeover cost me about $125 and 3 hours of work! Like I said, I still need to plant flowerpots and my front porch flower boxes as well as take off tags, etc, but I had to get these pictures while it was sunny!

Here are ideas from more friends to bring your porch to life and give it pizzazz on a budget!!


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Biggest difference on a front porch!

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Front Door makes such a difference on a porch!


Summer front porch: Gingham and Daisies

I love everything about this look! From the lights, to the flowers to the adorable gingham pillow. This says welcome spring!

Love this navy gingham for a front porch!


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I go back and forth on painting my front porch ceiling blue. It adds such a peaceful element. This site has some adorable ideas!

Blue ceiling on front porch-love it!


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HGTV gives some great tips of what works on a front porch and how to best utilize the space you have!

Great ideas for front porch accessories!

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Lemonade Bar Ideas

Such a cute idea on a warm day!

Mini Lemonade Bar

One more fun idea for a Lemonade Bar

Italian Soda Bar

Italian Soda Recipes


Every single time I have flowers on my porch I feel HAPPY! I LOVE spring because of FLOWERS! Her are some wonderful ideas to bring that feeling to your own porch!

29 Front Door Flower Pots To Wow Your Guests

Top Ten Flower Pots That Will Make Your Porch Amazing

27 Flowerpots that will brighten your front porch


Doorbell broken

Whatever you do to make your front porch a comfortable, welcoming part of your home, make it YOU! When people walk up to your house they should think to themselves that this does represent who they are visiting. When you are sitting out there with your family, the front porch should be a comfortable place to be. A place where you can relax, talk, read, play games, eat ice cream and enjoy the company of those you love. Good luck in your front porch makeover endeavors! Enjoy spring!


  1. Cute ideas! I don’t have much of a front porch but I have a back porch that I’ve been itching to spruce up. Thanks for the inspiration – love how your navy door turned out!

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