Follow The Prophet, He Knows The Way

Follow The Prophet. Ever since our children were young and probably before that, primary children all over the world would sing “Follow The Prophet.” As a seminary class and as a family we have sung it often, to remind us of the importance and blessing of continuing revelation from a prophet of God.

As I have been studying recently in the Book of Mormon, I have noted the importance of prophecy, revelation and following what the prophet says. I feel like the Book of Mormon displays this so clearly as we read a prophecy given and 8 pages later-that same prophecy fulfilled.

As we watch this pattern, hopefully we are learning that what the prophet says, happens. In our most recent General Conference, we sustained a new prophet of God, President Russell M. Nelson. As I listened to other apostles testify of him as a living prophet and heard him bear testimony of Jesus Christ and remind us of the importance of having the Holy Ghost and Revelation in our daily lives, I knew that this was a warning. That this is something we must do.


Follow The Prophet-Continuing Revelation

We are facing days where sometimes just making it through the day is a success. Life is not always hard but it seems more and more to feel the burdens of life are becoming crushing. Without the constant uplifting companionship of the Holy Ghost we may not survive the coming days. Our prophet has spoken and we must listen and obey ALL his counsel. It is not up to us to pick and choose what we want to do. President Nelson said this:

“I urge you to stretch beyond your current spiritual ability to receive personal revelation, for the Lord has promised that “if thou shalt [seek], thou shalt receive revelation upon revelation, knowledge upon knowledge, that thou mayest know the mysteries and peaceable things—that which bringeth joy, that which bringeth life eternal.”12

Oh, there is so much more that your Father in Heaven wants you to know. As Elder Neal A. Maxwell taught, “To those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, it is clear that the Father and the Son are giving away the secrets of the universe!”13

Nothing opens the heavens quite like the combination of increased purity, exact obedience, earnest seeking, daily feasting on the words of Christ in the Book of Mormon,14 and regular time committed to temple and family history work.” (Ensign November 2017)


  • Discuss as a family, specific things each member can do to better follow the prophet. Write them down and post somewhere where you will see often.
  • Memorize the quote above. A solid reminder that we must do all in our power to have the Holy Ghost with us always.
  • Memorize one of the scriptures listed below about prophets and revelation or memorize your own favorite scripture about prophets.
  • Every day before scriptures sing “Follow The Prophet.”
  • Take opportunities in every day life to casually bear testimony of a living prophet and how your life has been blessed by listening and obeying his counsel.
  • Review FSOY and have each child read the topic that they feel they want to work on this week. Make sure everyone has a copy.
  • Begin a 90 day challenge to read the Book of Mormon as counseled by our prophet in October 2017. Get everyone a small copy and have them mark every word or phrase that has to do with the Savior Jesus Christ.
  • Print the weekly plan below and tape it somewhere you look often to keep your mind on this topic.

Fortify your family-Daily Family Scripture Study


Follow The Prophet, He Knows The Way

I know that as we follow the prophet and encourage and teach our children to do so as well through our words and daily living that we will be blessed with physical and spiritual safety and protection in these last days. Good luck! I would love to hear ideas you take from this and incorporate into your own families.

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