Gallery Wall Helpful Hints

We all have THAT wall! The one that sits empty because we cannot figure out what to put on it. Here are some helpful hints and links to creating your own gallery wall. It may be in the front hall, the family room or going down the stairs. Wherever it is, make it look good! Your home should be a reflection of you and your family.

 Love this site! Helped me so much!

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What will be on my gallery wall?

For some, that is family pictures and quotes. For others it might be a missionary wall filled with family missionaries, favorite scriptures and an item brought back from the mission served. I have a neighbor who has 4 clocks with the different times that each of her children were born and a baby picture with it. My sister has a wonderful wall going up her stairs with family pictures, quotes and items that reflect who they are as a family. In my daughter’s (who was an english teacher) playroom I am working on a wall with quotes and covers from beloved children’s books. In my last living room I had a collection of beautiful plates from my mother-in-law that hung on the wall. One of my favorites was the wall of the Baker Family. Over the couch hung about 20 B’s-uppercase, lowercase, all different sizes and writing styles and in the middle was a huge family picture. It was adorable! Whatever you do, make it things that you love, things that reflect you and that are important to you.

The layout

Once you have a collection of photos in frames, canvases, and various items that inspire you, place them on the floor in different layouts and decide what you like the best. I will always take a picture with my phone when I get it the way I love it in case a pet or child decides to move things around when my back is turned!

Preparing your gallery wall

This is what will take you the most time. Just like the prep work before painting a room, this will determine the success of your wall.

  1. Measure the layout on the floor and then place the measurements on the wall.
  2. Trace the shapes of the items you will be putting on the wall and cut them out. (I have used butcher paper, newspaper, paper grocery bags to trace the shape of the items for the wall.)
  3. Tape the shapes onto the wall you are wanting to fill. (Then the painters blue tape is the best when taping these to the wall. It will come off easily when you are done.)
  4. You will do the second step several times moving items around to get them how you want them. I would suggest leaving it up for a couple of days to have the chance to make sure it is what you want.

Creating your gallery wall

Once you have your wall set how you like it, you will start removing the taped paper one by one and replace it with the actual frame or item that will go in that spot. You can use small nails, picture frame hangers, command strips; whatever suites you and your situation.


  • I always have an anchor to my gallery walls- a couch, a table- something that will anchor my wall to the floor.
  • Don’t over-do. Sometimes three simple large items are more effective than 10 smaller ones.
  • Mix it up with frames and items (quotes, letters, wreaths, etc)

Examples and help: gives us some tips on How To Hang a Gallery Wall Wall The Right Way.

Great ideas to help me with a gallery wall.

Life on Shady Lane shares this awesome staircase gallery wall-love everything here!

Love this staircase wall gallery-and everything else in the room!

Re Nue Home Studio gives Designer Gallery Wall

Love this designer gallery wall!

Classy Clutter gives great tips and helps you get inspired for your big gallery wall project

Great Ideas for a gallery wall! shares lots of layout ideas if you are struggling with what to put up!

Helpful hints for a gallery wall!

Some of my favorite places to get items for a gallery wall:

Black Gallery Frames

Love these black gallery wall frames on!

This is a fun idea for a bedroom gallery wall!


Such a fun gallery wall idea for my daughters bedroom!

I LOVE these cute quote boards-they come in different sizes but it would certainly add interest!

I am totally buying this board for my favorite quotes!

Depending on your style- a clock is always fun!

I love to add clocks to my gallery walls!

You know I love light! Add these sconces to soften the look of your wall!

Love the simple look of these wall sconces


There are so many fun ways to let this focal point wall describe you and your family. Make it fun! Make it special! Search for inspiration on making it YOURS! Good luck!

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