My Favorite Things- April

You know I love sharing new things I have discovered so you can discover them too! Here is a new list of my favorite things for April. Enjoy! Happy Spring!I love her monthly list f favorite things!

Target’s Magnolia Line of products

As if I needed more reasons to walk around Target…Chip and Joanna have added their Magnolia line to Target. Seriously, I could spend hours and hundreds of dollars! The other day I just settled for an adorable pitcher. Love this! This will be one of everyone’s favorite things- thanks Gaines’ Family!

I love magnolia. It is one of my favorite things as well.

Dr. Teals Epsom Salts and Foaming Bath

I am a bath taker. I have been using this every day for several years! I love it, and I especially love that I can easy order from amazon or put it in my Walmart-To-Go order! It comes with an entire line of “soaks”-after workout, sleep time lavender, detoxify and energize. Put it together with Dr. Teals Foaming Bath and you have a luxurious and well deserved break!

I love baths! I will have to try this if it is on her list of favorite things!

IKEA Barkaboda Wood Countertops

This may not be high end stuff but it looks terrific in our basement. In the kitchen we have grey cabinets and so I wanted to warm it up with dark wood countertops and these walnut beauties do the trick!

I love Ikea's prices. For a basement, this is perfect!

Loreal Sublime Bronze Tanning Cream

This has been around forever! It is inexpensive and I am all for anything Loreal. It goes on smoothly and with the trick of adding a little regular lotion to it, I never have streaking. It gives me a healthy glow without the risk of sun damage but it never comes out looking orange.

I need an inexpensive Tanning Cream. This looks great!

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Pens

My new FAVORITE pen! I love to journal and doodle, take notes at meetings and write notes to my family. These pens are THE BEST!!! They have every color you could use (more than shown here), they write smoothly and don’t run.


I love these pens. A new favorite thing for me!

Oil Diffuser with Satsuma Oil (The Body Shop)

I LOVE my oil Diffuser! You can get them almost anywhere from Walmart to Scentsy to Amazon. This one is Amazon’s Favorite pick. I burn different oils at different times of day-lavender at night, orange or satsuma (The Body Shop) in the morning. It really lets off a great scent and I do think it does something for me mentally as well!

I love oil diffusers in my home! One of my favorite things!Satsuma Oil is so refreshing in my home. It is one of my favorite things!

Sensodyne Extra Whitening Toothpaste

I recently went to the dentist after several years (not saying how many!) After my teeth were cleaned they were very sensitive to everything. I had previously been using another brand of whitening toothpaste and I loved how it was making my teeth look so I was reluctant to switch to a “sensitive” toothpaste. Then I found this and I LOVE it! It keeps my teeth white, it tastes good and my teeth are not se sensitive any more. If you have any tooth sensitivity but still want those bright whites, this is for you!


I want white teeth but have worried about the sensitivity factor with with whitening toothpaste. This solves the issue for me!

Bath and Body Island White Sand Cooling Spray and Lotion

You just always have to go into Bath and Body and smell things every mall trip. This last time I fell in love with a new summer scent and I also am excited to see how it works with my first day in the sun! Island White Sand Cooling Spray and Lotion is supposed to cool your skin after a hot day in the sun. It smells DELICIOUS- yes, good enough to eat!

This makes me feel like summer is around the corner!

Biosilk Silk Therapy

I was introduced to this by my sister! It has made such a difference in my hair, how it looks, feels and styles. No more frizzies!!! I usually buy mine at Marshall’s or TJ Macs but I recently saw that they had it at Walmart as well! This stuff is the BEST!

My favorite hair product!

My FAVORITE Navy Blue Paint

Recently I did a porch “fixer upper” and painted my door and chairs this Hale Navy Blue by Benjamin Moore. Now, I love navy blue a lot anyway but this color is to die for!!!! It is beautiful in any light and makes everything look fresh! Truly one of my favorite things this month-no question!

I LOVE this Navy Blue Paint. It is my new favorite!

This time of year is my absolute favorite! I treasure my time on the front porch with the sun shining, listening to the birds and talking on the phone to my girls! Spring is so much fun and really does feel like a re-birth for me. I hope these favorite things of mine make their way into your life and make you happy too!


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