My Favorite Things- February

My Favorite Things in February happen to be mostly smelly things and edible things. There are a few exceptions but I feel like this is a month of indulgence with Valentines Day. I tend to buy the Dove Chocolate Hearts as opposed to the Hershey Kisses-the french milled soap instead of the Dove (although I do love Dove!) So save your pennies or make a list for your spouse or significant other and add some of these yummies to it! You will be glad you did!

I love her list of favorite things! Several Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

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French Milled Lavender Bath Soap

This soap is so yummy! One of my favorite things!

This is definitely a splurge. I would not often spend money like this on soap but this is worth it! Mine has lasted almost a year. I always shower or bathe before bed at night and the lavender is divine-especially before I go to sleep. It is relaxing and very moisturizing too! For sure one of my favorite bed-time things!


The Naked Bee Hand and Body Lotion

This lotion smells sooo good and is one of my favorite things too!

My FAVORITE lotion! It is on sale right now  at this link! I love this stuff. It keeps me moisturized for so long and where we live, that is saying a lot! It smells sooo good. I like the original Orange Blossom Honey Scent. We live in Colorado where it is pretty dry in the winters. I swear by this. I always have plenty on hand-definitely one of my favorite things.

Jessica McClintock Parfume-one of my FAVORITE things


I am so glad I tried this perfume. It has become one of my favorite things!

Anyone around my age will remember the Jessica McClintock dresses that we had! They were my favorite Sunday dresses in the early 80’s. Around the time I got married I realized that she had a perfume. I LOVED it! I actually wore it on our wedding day. It is a classic, light floral scent. Wonderful for a romantic evening or just a day volunteering at the school!


DW Home White Rose Candle

This candle has such a light, airy fragrance, slightly floral but not overwhelming. It has become one of my favorite things!

I keep one of these in my laundry room. It is a small space so I do not need a strong smell but it just adds a freshness-especially if there are dirty clothes sitting in there waiting to be washed that can get musty. Again, by far my favorite candles. From the scents, to the even burn. I love DW Home Candles!

Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Linen and Room Spray

I love anything Caldrea! This home spray is divine! One of my new favorite things!

So many vloggers and bloggers are promoting Grove Cleaning Delivery- I love it too. It was where I was introduced to Caldrea and I cannot go back to regular cleaning spray (except Mrs. Meyers!) Being a yummy smell fanatic-this works well for me. I believe in a clean house but I deep clean bathrooms, floors and wash sheets only once a week (hopefully!) When I want that clean smell on linens or I have someone coming over just a few sprays of this in the front hall and on the pillows or in the bedroom on the sheets (I also love a nice lavender spray on my sheets) and “Voila!” I feel like a new woman! New to my list of favorite things and I love it!

Maltesers Chocolates


I had these chocolates over in Europe and now I can get them here! One of my favorite things.

I first had these delightful, pop in your mouth treats when we went to visit my parents in England on their mission. Needless to say I went to the closest market and bought three tubs to bring home. I am not a huge Whopper’s fan, though these are similar but soooo much better. Buy the bucket-they will go fast. Happy munching!

Reed’s Cinnamon Candies

I remember these as a kid! I love cinnamon. THis is one of my favorite things!

Anyone remember having these as a child. I believe The Sweet Shop in the New England town I grew up in, sold these. It may have been McKenzie’s Newspaper Store…either way, I saved my money to buy a pack. If you like cinnamon-you will love these!

Zig Calligraphy Pens

My daughter has been into “lettering”, as in handwriting lately. These pens are awesome! She got a set for Christmas along with a book of how to “letter.” She has made some adorable signs and letters. What a sweet way to say I love you with a handwritten letter and beautiful penmanship. It is a lost art. Let’s bring it back!

Perfect pens if you are just learning "lettering" or want to do cute handwriting. One of my favorite things!

Cath Kidston Bags

I love Cath Kidston Bags! They are beautiful and help me stay organized. The prints are out of this world. One of my favorite things!

This was another find when I was over in England. Cath Kidston bags, wallets, backpacks, bedding, pillows and more… It lis like the Laura Ashley of the 21st century! I love the purses, backpacks, bags and the bedding is to die for! Similar feel to Vera Bradly but I LOVE the prints on these bags. She has adorable styles as well. Take a look. You won’t be sorry!

Lavender Blue (book)

As a Family History Buff, I loved reading this. I had a similar experience with my great-grandmother's journal. WHen the past and present collide! My favorite things!

With my love of family history and having had a similar experience during a hard time in my life, I relate so well to this story! My friend, Michelle Crystal has done a superb job in writing this! Here is a preview of what’s in store:

“We’re Murdocks–we can do hard things.”

Rachel Tate enjoys an idyllic life–an attentive, handsome husband; three healthy, beautiful sons; a comfortable lifestyle–but when disaster strikes, she stands to lose it all. Rachel, a former lawyer turned stay-at-home-mom, struggles to make sense of her new life, find a path to happiness, and gain peace of mind.

Attempting to heal her family’s deep emotional wounds proves more difficult than Rachel ever anticipated. Surprising repercussions follow their insurmountable tragedy, leaving Rachel drowning in grief, self-pity, and doubt.

As a favor to her mother, Rachel assists in cleaning out her ailing grandmother’s home. There, she stumbles upon journals from the late 1800s, authored by her great-great-grandmother Anna Murdock Pierce. The two women exist centuries apart but seem to live nearly parallel lives. As Rachel grows in the knowledge of her ancestor, she begins to accept herself. But will learning about the past bring insight to Rachel’s present–or will the daunting trials she faces get the best of her?

Past, present, and future collide on Rachel’s journey to understanding.

Valentine Printables


Love these pritables by Landeelu! One of my favorite things for Valentine's decor!

My blogger friend, Landeelu, always has adorable printables for every holiday. Check out her Valentine one’s and also her cute mantle ideas! She is definitely one of my favorites!! 🙂

I feel like I deserve to indulge myself in February. It is my “recovery” month. October-December is crazy holiday season. Then January comes and I am cleaning, de-cluttering, organizing! By the time February hits, it is time to pamper myself a bit. I hope you feel the same way and make some of my favorites, yours as well! Enjoy!

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