Preparing Our Hearts and Our Homes For General Conference

My memories of listening to General Conference stem from a very young age. I grew up in Connecticut. I clearly remember every Conference weekend holing up in our parents bedroom and listening to conference on a special radio. We had our notebooks and scriptures and the entire family was together. It was a special time when nothing else in the world took precedence to our family listening to the prophets and apostles. There was always a wonderful feeling of love and peace as we listened, sometimes with “eyes resting.”

General Conference Memories

General Conference is a gathering time for LDS families. For our family it is a weekend to take inventory on food storage and 72 hour kits in-between sessions. It is jammies and snacks, making general conference “notebooks’ buying new pens to doodle with and take notes, marking scriptures, creating traditions! Then for the next six months it is re-reading, listening and applying all those amazing things we learned and becoming better.

I love finding ideas that can help me prepar emy little family for General Conference! This post is awesome!

Our General Conference Experience

When our kids were little and before the internet, we had several conference traditions. We would do simple General Conference Bingo games with Cheerios or Fruit Loops. When they heard a word or saw a picture on their Bingo card they could mark it off, Then the winner got to pick from the “prize box.” As the kids got older we made notebooks for each person. They could draw pictures of stories they heard or take notes. We always have had a basket of snacks on the coffee table and each morning we make pillsbury apple and cherry turnovers. It is really the only time of year we eat them-TRADITION! We usually sit in our jammies or jeans-something comfortable. One year we made little nests on the floor for the kids and a small “tent” like they were at King Benjamin’s address. We generally put all screens away-unless it is how you are taking notes.

There have been years when I know a child is struggling and they seem to be sleeping or otherwise distracted. After several attempts of getting upset and telling them to listen, I learned that more than anything, I want them in the room, with us and that whether they seem to be listening or not, the Spirit has a way of reaching them and I cannot drive that away!

General Conference Preparation TODAY

We are blessed to have SO many resources literally at our finger tips today to find things that will work for our families and our situations. I will promise you that if you have a desire to be more prepared and have your family be more prepared for General Conference that the ideas you need to use will either come to you through revelation or stand out to you as you read this post. God wants us to be prepared in all things and if, as righteous parents, our desire is to bring our families unto Christ, He will inspire others with ideas and us with revelation and/or things we can do to prepare better.

Take time to prepare BEFORE General Conference

Prepare self and family for LDS General Conference

Great ideas for General Conference prep!

Ideas To Prepare for General Conference from

Great ideas to prepare children for General Conference!

Preparing Yourself

As parents, we have a specific role to make sure that we are teaching our children what God wants them to know. We, ourselves must be prepared for this sacred conference in our minds, our homes and our hearts. She quotes Elder Holland who calls us to action with General Conference messages.  Elder Holland said that “each of these conferences marks a call to action not only in our own lives but also on behalf of others around us, those who are of our own family and faith and those who are not.” 

Conference Countdown

This is an AWESOME way to build anticipation for General Conference!

Are you kidding me??? Is this not the cutest thing EVER?!?! I feel like with anything in life, be it Christmas, vacations, birthdays, it is the ANTICIPATION that makes it so wonderful and exciting! To build excitement for your family leading up to conference is an AMAZING idea!

Another Fun Conference Countdown

Cute General Conference Countdown chain! Great for my younger kids!



How to Help Your kids Prepare

I always need help with ideas for kids and General Conference. This is terrific!


Preparing For Inspiration


I must be prepared to be inspired. This is great for general conference!


Make a General Conference Family PLAN

Goals and Plans are GOOD! Our family needs a PLAN for General Conference! Love this!

35 Super Cool Value Project Ideas for General Conference- YOUNG WOMEN,Take Note!

Great Ideas to help Young Women prepare for General Conference!



General Conference Weekend-It’s HERE!

General Conference Journal

Cutest General Conference Journal!

General Conference Baskets and Other Ideas

Such adorable ideas to make General Conference fun for the family. I LOVE these baskets!


I SPY Sheets for General Conference


My kids will love this I SPY sheet for General Conference!


General Conference Tents and more!

I am totally making these General Conference tents for my grandkids! So adorable!



General Conference Sundaes

Such a cute idea to motivate family members foe General Conference!


Fruit Loop Necklaces and more…

My little ones will love this for a general conference activity!


Conference Socks and so much more!

I love this idea for all ages at General Conference!


Importance of preparing

I have such a strong testimony of preparation. When we are prepared, we are more in tune with the Spirit and revelation for us and our families can flow freely. When we, as parents help to prepare our homes and families as well as ourselves, this will have an amazing impact that will spread. We are blessed today to have access to everyone else’s fabulous ideas. All we need to do is put them into action! Take this next month and prepare your heart and your home for a special Easter General Conference! Many of these ideas can be incorporated into Easter gifts and Baskets as well! You can look at my Sweet Is The Work General Conference Pinterest Board as well for even more ideas! Happy Conference Prep!!!


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