Valentine’s Gifts, Treats and Sweets

Looking for that perfect, inexpensive gift for a friend or family member? Something that says a simple “I love you?” What about a homemade treat that they will love, left on the kitchen counter with a sweet note or to serve with a Valentine’sDay Dinner? Look no further. This post is chalk-full of ideas that you will love! If you need ideas for the classroom and kiddos see my post on DIY Valentine’s!

I am always searching for help at Valentines Day! Love this post with tons of DIY Valentine's ideas!

Easy Valentine’s Gifts

Vintage Doilies- whether they are your grandma’s or you bought them at an antique store-or hobby lobby for that matter (and aged them), this is an adorable and easy gift to give.

  • Simply buy and old or new frame-whatever look you like.
  • Take a glue dot (buy at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s) and place it in the middle of the back side of the doily and onto a piece of valentine craft paper that is cut to fit the frame you bought.
  • Place the paper with the doily into the glass frame and secure it.

You are done!

Love this adorable display as a valentine's gift idea!

Valentine Letter Blocks

These adorable blocks can be personalized for those you love!


These blocks are great as a Valentine gift!

Teacher gifts or simple gifts for friends and family

A cute, simple gift for teacher’s, kids friends or your friends. A quick gift to say “I love you!”

Love these Valentine's gift ideas for teachers

Valentine Heart Candy Jar

For those with extra mason jars in the basement, this site has some adorable mason jar gifts! Enjoy putting them together. Kids can help too!

Adorable for a small valentine's gift that says "I love you!"

Valentine’s sweets and treats

Valentine’s S’more’s Snack Mix to share!

Snack mixes are super easy and delicious! This one will become a family favorite. Give it for a gift or make it for yourself!

Yummy Valentine's snack mix that everyone will love!

Valentine Confetti

Beautiful Valentine Confetti! Fun to make- even more fun to eat!

Pretty and delicious Valentine's treat!

Pecan Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

When I first read what these were called I was a bit worried to eat them but one bite and I was hooked! These things are dynamite!

YUUUUMMMM!!!! I Love chocolate valentine's treats!

Caramel Marshmallow Crunch Brownies

Super easy, soooo tasty! These may need to be made more often than Valentine’s Day!

These delightful valentine's treats will bring a smile to any face!

Valentine’s Heart Macaroons

Who doesn’t love a good macaroon. I will be honest, the first one I ever had was in Paris. These are right up there-and they are beautiful as well!

The macaroons are a sweet valentine's treat!

Delightful Valentine Trifle

I do have several friends and family members who don’t like chocolate. For YOU there is this!!! Creamy, fruity, cakey deliciousness!

This is a perfect valentine's day treat for the non-chocolate lover's in my family!

Valentine’s heart shaped chocolate chip cookies

The classic chocolate chip cookie turned Valentine’s treat!

Simple and cute! These valentine treats were a huge hit with my kids!

Take the time to show those you love that you care! Charles M. Schulz said- “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. ” Whether it is chocolate, a love note or a homemade gift or treat, let them know you love them! Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Dear Kim ,

    This must have taken forever to prepare. It reminded me that I too was young once and going thru so many tests.
    I have often thought of ways we could have been more, done more said more as our little family grew up.
    but I have come to realize we did the best we could have, with the knowledge and our personal growth available at the time. Though all are not active in the church our children and grandchildren are solid and great human beings and we love them so much and try to tell them often.
    your family is going to be okay. We Williams are strong and somehow we get thru it all and we are survivors.
    God bless you all and remember love and forgiving are your greatest tools including loving yourself.

    I can tell you are a great mom, wife and friend.
    say hello to Cal. God Bless.

    Aunt Charlotte.
    Love, Aunt charlotte

    • Thanks Aunt Charlotte! You and Uncle Jesse‚Äôs example is a huge blessing to us. We love you both so much!

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